Nepal police told to 'slim down': force spokesman

KATHMANDU (AFP) - Overweight police officers in Nepal must slim down if they want to advance their careers as part of a new anti-obesity drive launched by the nation's force, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

The Nepal Police Headquarters has set up a three-man team to inspect the 60,000-strong national force after its chief last December found some officers were looking too chubby and that their uniforms were untidy.

"We want to make sure our members are fit and their uniforms are neat and clean," police spokesman Keshav Adhikari said.

"Those who have put on weight should maintain a daily workout routine and even do yoga," he added, saying that it was harder for overweight officers to catch "slim and fit" criminals.

The police force must also clean up its manners as "we have received complaints about bad behaviour", the spokesman said.

Overweight officers were being given three months to "slim down", he said, warning that failure to meet leaner standards could hurt their promotion prospects.

Recruits joining Nepal's police force must pass a physical fitness test but have never had to face any follow-up checks.

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