HK woman had sex with father 'so he would not remarry'

HONG KONG • A woman charged with incest has told a Hong Kong court that she offered sex to her father so he would not remarry.

The 26-year-old woman, who is not named, had intercourse with her 58-year-old father on two occasions in 2009, when she was 19, the South China Morning Post reported.

Her lawyer cited a psychological report which said that she was devoted to her father and became desperate when he wanted to marry his fiancee.

The father, who is also charged with incest, said earlier that he was feeling down and his daughter comforted him by hugging and kissing him. This developed into sexual relations. They continued the affair from 2009 with her consent, news website HK01 reported.

The report said the two sexual encounters arose from "misplaced love, infatuation and devotion to her father".

The woman's younger brother, then a secondary school student, reported his father to the police in 2015, after seeing footage of them being intimate in a memory card he found in his father's spectacle case, HK01 said.

The woman's lawyer argued that punishing the daughter for her actions would be counter-productive and "serve no purpose", and she needed help instead. She once tried to tell the prosecutors to hold her fully responsible so that her father could walk free, her lawyer said.

Her father, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, said in a mitigation letter that he would move to mainland China and keep away from his daughter.

The brother, who has since suffered from depression, had no idea his sister consented to the sexual intercourses, SCMP said.

Both father and daughter pleaded guilty earlier to two counts of incest. They will be sentenced on June 12.

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