False alarm over suspicious package prompts Hong Kong Disneyland to evacuate workers

HONG KONG - A bomb scare over a suspicious package mailed to Hong Kong Disneyland prompted the evacuation of workers from the theme park's main office building on Monday (Feb 13), but it turned out to be a false alarm with the park saying the package was only a toy. 

Hong Kong media had reported that the park received the suspicious package on Monday, saying the package was believed to contain batteries and wires. The discovery led the park, located in Hong Kong's Lantau Island, to evacuate workers from its main office building.

Media reports said, however, that the park's operations were not affected and visitors were not evacuated.

RTHK reported that staff members at the mail room had been alerted after the package was X-rayed and found to contain wires and a battery. It contacted police and bomb disposal officers were sent to the park to investigate. 

Hours later, a spokesperson for the park said that the package was found to be a toy.

The Hong Kong Free Press, citing local media reports, said the toy in question was actually a malfunctioning Buzz Lightyear toy that was sent to the Disneyland’s managing director. It added that while police did not believe the package contained explosives, police would investigate further to probe the sender's motives.