What's Next: Apr 13, 2018

China sends art troupe to North Korea

Senior Chinese diplomat Song Tao and a Chinese art troupe will leave for North Korea today to attend the April Spring Friendship Art Festival, at the invitation of the North. The visit is a further sign of improving ties after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's trip to Beijing last month. Mr Song, the head of the Communist Party's international department, last visited Pyongyang in November to discuss the outcome of China's 19th Communist Party Congress.

Finals of National Chinese Challenge

The finals of the National Chinese Challenge 2018 will be held today. Back for the fifth year, the Chinese-language quiz is open to students from local primary and secondary schools. A record 1,932 students from 90 primary and secondary schools took part in the preliminary rounds last month.

HPH Trust to discuss industry changes

Mainboard-listed Hutchison Port Holdings Trust (HPH Trust) is holding a media briefing today to address some of the changes in the global container shipping industry, including the current competitive landscape in relation to the Hong Kong and Shenzhen ports compared with other ports in China, and even Singapore, as well as key risks relating to shipping alliances and overcapacity.

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