What's News: December 16, 2015

A Shinkansen bullet train in Japan. After its winning bid to build bullet trains in India, Japan now wants to snag the KL-Singapore project.
A Shinkansen bullet train in Japan. After its winning bid to build bullet trains in India, Japan now wants to snag the KL-Singapore project.ST FILE PHOTO


Employment growth at a low 

Employment growth this year has been at its lowest rate in six years, while the long-term unemployment rate hit a two-year high, the Manpower Ministry’s latest labour report showed yesterday. Experts blamed expected restructuring plans amid a push towards productivity and weakening global demand.


Unusual rise in dengue cases

The latest dengue fever figures show an unusual rise in year-end cases, with 361 reported last week. Cases normally peak around June and July, but the National Environment Agency said warmer than usual year-end weather caused by El Nino could result in shorter mosquito breeding periods and shorter incubation times for the dengue virus.


Japan eyes contract to build KL-S'pore high-speed rail link

Getting a boost from its winning bid to build bullet trains for India, Japan has now set its sights on securing the contract to build a high-speed rail project between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Competition will be tough, with 14 companies and consortiums invited to present their ideas for the joint project by Malaysia and Singapore.



Abe wants elderly out of city

As its elderly population (photo) burgeons, Tokyo is running out of space to build nursing homes. Now, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to relocate his older constituents to the countryside. The government sees it as the best way of dealing with the increasing strain on urban healthcare systems and stagnant economies in rural Japan.


Myth of US-China competition

Talk of competition between the US and a rising China is driven

more by politics and domestic considerations than the realities of trade and economics. The cross-talk between the two nations does not help foster cooperation, says Professor Linda Lim.


Gym closure worries members

Some members of Pure Fitness are concerned that they have yet to hear from the fitness chain, which shut one of its two gyms yesterday.

Some people who paid thousands for all-access passes to its facilities fear that the remaining gym will become overcrowded.


Cat deaths: Team on patrol

Volunteers and residents have formed a fast-response team to patrol parts of Yishun, where a number of cats have been killed since September. High-resolution cameras have also been installed around the neighbourhood. 


CDL sets up new instrument 

City Developments (CDL) has structured another investment deal to unlock $1.1 billion from its real estate assets here, which will help is expansion abroad. It has set up an instrument linked to three of its office buildings - one in the Central Business District, one near the CBD and another in Tampines.


First win for S'pore netballers

Singapore recorded their first victory at the Mission Foods Nations Cup yesterday, a 71-20 trouncing of Chinese Taipei, after opening their annual campaign with two defeats.

There was more joy for the hosts as captain and Hall of Famer Micky Lin, 30, attained her 100th international cap.


Kit Chan wooing China

Local singer Kit Chan has become the first artist to sign to a major China record company, Taihe Music Group. It is due to her participation in popular televised contest I Am A Singer and the doors it has opened for her in China. Pre-production has started on her new album, which is slated for release next year.


Cosby sues accusers

Comedian Bill Cosby, who has been accused by more than 50 women of sexually assaulting them after plying them with drugs or alcohol, struck back on Monday against seven of the women, suing them for defamation and denying their allegations. 

What it should have been

Yesterday's report "Orchard incidents 'likely due to heavy rainfall' " stated that professional engineers were appointed by the Building and Construction Authority to investigate two incidents on Orchard Road when the engineers were, in fact, appointed by the respective building owners as is required by law. We are sorry for the error.

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