Web generation lingo added to standard Chinese dictionary

BEIJING (CHINA DAILY/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - The latest version of the standard Chinese dictionary includes new words frequently used by web users.

The third edition of the Dictionary of Contemporary Standard Chinese (DCSC) has added more than 100 new "hot" words, including tu cao (meaning complain, mock or comment, depending on the context), Wei Xin (WeChat, the messaging app), shi lian (lost contact) and more.

New meanings or usage of some older words have also been added. For example, the Chinese word tu hao originally means "landlord who exploits peasants taking advantage of fortune and power". It can now also mean "those who are rich but short of culture and correct values".

Nearly 400 new Chinese characters have been added which are mainly used for names, places and technology terms, among others.

The new version of the DCSC has more than 12,000 separate Chinese words and more than 72,000 words and expressions.

Here are some of the new terms added to the dictionary:

- tu cao: complain, mock or comment, depending on the context

- tu hao: people who are rich but short of culture and correct values

- li cai: manage one's wealth and assets

- wang gou: online shopping

- zheng neng liang: positive or optimistic vibes

- pai zhuan: negative comment, criticism

- Wei Xin: WeChat, a mobile messaging application

- shi lian: out of contact

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