Unlucky woman in China becomes hit-and-run victim twice in 2 minutes

The victim, surnamed Zhang, was first knocked down by a motorcyclist. Two minutes later, a second motorcyclist ran over her prone body without stopping. PHOTOS: SCREENGRAB FROM YOUTUBE VIDEO

A woman was run over twice by two separate motorcycles in the middle of a busy road in Leshan city in China's Sichuan province last Wednesday (Nov 2), local media reported.

The South China Morning Post, quoting local news portal Leshan.cn, said the unlucky victim - surnamed Zhang - was crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing when a motorcycle first collided with her at around 7pm.

Surveillance footage showed the impact knocking Ms Zhang and the male motorcyclist to the ground.

After picking himself up, the motorcyclist was seen checking on Ms Zhang, who appeared to be in pain, before riding off.

Barely a minute later, a second motorcycle ran over Ms Zhang's prone body without even stopping.

A van travelling behind the motorcycle was seen stopping just in front of her, before it reversed and drove off without stopping to help.

A female passer-by eventually came to Ms Zhang's aid, a full two minutes after the first hit-and-run incident.

According to Leshan.cn, Ms Zhang's condition was not critical although the full extent of her injuries was not clear.

The two hit-and-run motorcyclists are still at large.

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