Tiger dad in China criticised for letting 6-year-old son drink beer

Should a six-year-old child be allowed to drink beer? One Tiger dad in China has come under scrutiny after images of his son drinking beer with him surfaced.

Zhang Wang, also known as Wang Wang, is already known to the Chinese as a prodigy who could walk a tightrope at age five.

Images of him doing physical training and balancing on a tightrope went viral in January.

Now, more controversial images show him downing as many as two bottles of beer at a sitting.

Wang Wang has been trained since young by his father, Zhang Yu. He lifts sandbags, does push-ups, runs and does other exercises every day, and graduated to rock climbing and tightrope walking last year, local media reported in January.

Mr Zhang said that his son enjoys the activities, and is not being forced to do them.

He told Chengdu Economic Daily that his son now has more than 50,000 followers on a live-streaming platform.

But the latest images of the young boy chugging beer did not go down well with everyone.

Most people interviewed by Chinese media said it was not a good idea for young children to drink alcohol.

"It will affect his development, his intellectual development," an interviewee tells China Report in a video posted on June 9.

What does the father say?

"On a hot day, I and my child share a bottle. I drink more and he drinks less, I don't think it's a problem if he drinks less," Mr Zhang said.

As for Wang Wang, he says of the beer: "Tasty!"

Then he raised his glass to his father for a toast.