Three-year-old in China has penis cut off by uncle's girlfriend

A three-year-old boy in China's Henan province suffered a vicious attack from his uncle's girlfriend after he used her mobile phone to play music when she was in the bathroom, Chinese media reported.

The woman cut off the boy's penis because she was angry with him, reported China News.

The boy's mother was out harvesting corn when the incident happened. He was taken to hospital, where he went through a six-hour reattachment surgery before being transferred to Beijing for further treatment.

China News cited a doctor from Peking University First Hospital as saying that the reconstruction operation was about as successful as it could be. He said that the boy will one day be able to have children, but he may have trouble urinating while standing up and his future sex life will be affected.

The woman has been detained and is apparently undergoing psychiatric evaluation, while the China Charities Aid Foundation for Children is raising funds for the family to cover medical costs and help the boy recover from the psychological trauma.

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