The high price of saying 'I do' in China

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BEIJING (REUTERS) - They say, money can't buy you love.

But for these couples, it can at least get you a picture perfect moment.

"From the woman's point of view, this is a memento. So you dress yourself up really beautifully, and feel like you're really important. My fiance also thinks it's worth it, so we can have these beautiful memories for the future," says wedding photography customer Chen Xueling.

In China, up to 25 per cent of some couple's wedding budgets are spent on photography.

And it's not just a domestic market either.

Capturing till death do you part, for some in China's growing middle class knows no borders.

"Some people just want to be in front of famous landmarks in London like Big Ben or the London Eye," says UK Wedding founder Jeff Lu. "Others might have lived in the UK before, so they choose a small English town like those in the Cotswolds."

Some are even stepping outside the box and getting snapped... underwater.

Says Ms Xu Jiaqian, who took her wedding photos underwater: "It's always been very calm, never intense, both of us have always been good to each other. If you're always thinking about the other like this then the feelings will never fade."

And the lucrative industry shows know sign of drying up.

In 2014, it was valued at US$11.7 billion (S15.9 billion).

Proving that for some, saying cheese, is as - if not more - important as saying I do.

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