Thai celebrity's rant on Chinese tourists' behaviour goes viral

A Thai celebrity's viral video about rude Chinese tourists at the Jeju Airport in South Korea has re-ignited the debate about their behaviour.

The rant in Thai by Duangjai Phichitamphon, which was posted on her Facebook on March 12, has garnered about 60,000 views on her page. It was also subtitled in English and posted on many other websites.

She said that everyone was queueing up for tax refunds, but when a group of Chinese tourists came, the queue disintegrated into a mob.

Phichitamphon then complained that they stomped on her feet and pushed her.

The subtitles read: "I don't understand. There were many people from other countries queuing here... Then the Chinese tour (sic) came here and it became like this."

She filmed the tourists pushing and shoving even as a male companion tried to calm her down.

Chinese tourists have been the bane of many tourism spots for their bad behaviour.

A Thai temple in Chiang Rai recently built separate toilets for non-Chinese tourists after complaints that Chinese tourists behaved inconsiderately.

Residents of remote Palau also voiced their dissatisfaction after Chinese tourists descended on their Micronesian island. They say that the tourists were boisterous, and harmed the corals and marine life.

Chinese travellers represented almost 62 per cent of all visitors to Palau in February this year - up from 16 per cent in January 2014.

There are also frequent cases of Chinese travellers accidentally opening the emergency exits on planes, most recently in Xinjiang on Monday.

The Chinese government has been trying to educate its citizens who go abroad, and in 2013 it published a manual for Chinese tourists that lay out the do's and don'ts when travelling overseas.