Taiwan train company lodges complaint after Annabelle 'demon doll' appears on its trains

The "demon doll" Annabelle was photographed in trains in Taiwan.
The "demon doll" Annabelle was photographed in trains in Taiwan. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

A train company in Taiwan has complained to Warner Bros over the appearance of its "haunted" Annabelle doll appearing on trains, the BBC reported last week.

The demon doll from the horror film Annabelle: Creation - a prequel to 2014's Annabelle - hit the cinemas in early August.

Taiwan's High Speed Rail (HSR) complained to the entertainment company after seeing pictures of the doll on its trains appear on the Warner Bros Facebook page, local media reported.

HSR spokesman Chung Jui-fang said the doll had violated its regulations.

Anyone who wants to take videos or photos on HSR trains for commercial use are required to apply to the company for permission.


Warner Bros has since removed the photos, explaining that they were from a third party. Local media reported that the company's legal team is also working on the issue.

According to the BBC, there were mixed reactions by netizens, with some supporting HSR standing up to Warner Bros, while other saying that it was just a doll and the company should not have kicked up such a fuss.

Last month, Malaysia's MRT and LRT operator RapidKL used the doll for a campaign that aimed to spook users into behaving themselves at stations and trains.

Response was largely positive, with many praising the company's novel method of educating the public on social etiquette while using public transport.