Taiwan shocked again as mother finds 12-year-old daughter's throat slit

The assailant escaped before help arrived, but he was nabbed later that night.
The assailant escaped before help arrived, but he was nabbed later that night.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM YOUTUBE

Taiwan has been shaken again by a case of a mother finding her young daughter's throat slit.

The 12-year-old girl survived the attack though. The incident happened in Tainan on Thursday (March 31) night, and the act was allegedly done by her mother's ex-boyfriend, Taiwanese media reported.

The attack comes just days after a four-year-old girl nicknamed 'Little Light Bulb' was decapitated by a man in front of her mother in Taipei. The gruesome case shocked Taiwan and sparked public outrage.

In this latest incident, Madam Su and her two daughters - aged eight and 12 - were returning home from dinner in the evening when they found Madam Su's ex-boyfriend hiding in their home, Apple Daily reported.

The suspect, a 43-year-old man surnamed Huang, had broken up with Madam Su about a year ago but wanted to reconcile with her.

He arrived at her apartment block at about 2pm, and waited for her. Later, he had a locksmith open the door by lying and claiming he had forgotten his keys, Apple Daily added.

He hid in the house for five hours, until Madam Su returned with her daughters. It is understood that Huang and Madam Su got into an argument, and according to some reports, the older girl tried to mediate between the two.

She was later taken hostage, and her mother rushed out to scream for help, China Times reported.

Neighbours came to their aid, but the suspect escaped before they arrived.

The 12-year-old girl was then found lying on the ground with a gash of about 6cm on her neck.

She was rushed to hospital where she received eight stitches for the wound. Her condition is now stable, China Times added.

The assailant was nabbed on the same night, Apple Daily said.