Taiwan separatist attempts doomed to failure: Chinese official

BEIJING - Resisting reunification with the Chinese mainland using military might is pointless for Taiwan, given the gulf of difference in military capabilities between the island and China, a Chinese official said on Wednesday (Dec 27).

The path to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait is to do away with notions of "Taiwan independence" and a hostile mentality, said Mr An Fengshan, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, at a press conference.

Mr An, whose comments were reported by state news agency Xinhua, added: "Separatist attempts for 'Taiwan independence' in any form will be firmly rejected by people across the Strait and doomed to failure."

Beijing seeks reunification with Taiwan, which it views as a renegade province.

When asked about the detention of four officials from the pro-reunification New Party in Taiwan, Mr An condemned the Taiwan authorities for indulging the separatists while suppressing and persecuting those who support peaceful reunification, said Xinhua.

The four officials had been detained by prosecutors in Taiwan, and had their homes searched on Dec 18 for alleged violations of the island's security regulations.

Xinhua also reported that Mr An commended pro-reunification groups in Taiwan, adding that realising this was a shared aspiration of all Chinese people and in the interests of China.