Taiwan accuses Chinese hackers of targeting Taiwanese data

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Taiwan said on Wednesday China was behind cyber attacks in an 'infiltration' aiming to steal important data from the government.
The hackers had managed to gain access to government systems.

TAIPEI (BLOOMBERG) - Taiwan accused Chinese hackers of infiltrating government agencies in an effort to glean people's sensitive information, part of ongoing attempts to influence the democratic society.

Groups identified as Blacktech and Taidoor infiltrated the systems of Taiwanese companies that provide information services to government bodies, Taiwan Investigation Bureau's Cyber Security Investigation Office Deputy Director Liu Chia-zung said at a briefing in Taipei on Wednesday (Aug 19).

The attackers were after government information and people's personal data and have been making these efforts "for a long time', Liu said.

While the hackers had managed to gain access to government systems, Liu said they had been unable to identify what data has been stolen, other than a leak of some 6,000 government emails in one case, as the hackers had covered their tracks.

The revelation comes as Taiwan, and its technology companies, have been caught up in the escalating struggle for global influence between the US and China.

The administration of President Donald Trump earlier this week expanded restrictions on suppliers to China's Huawei Technologies Co., sending the shares of Taiwan-based chipmakers Mediatek Inc., Novatek Microelectronics Corp. and Realtek Semiconductor Corp. plunging.

The world's largest contract chip manufacturer, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., has also come under pressure from the US to halt sales to Huawei, although it has so far managed to shrug off the expected hit to its finances.

Sales of US military equipment, including F-16 fighter jets, and regular Chinese military incursions into Taiwan's air defense identification zone have raised concerns about the possibility of a conflict in the Taiwan Strait. China views Taiwan as part of its territory, a claim Taiwan's government rejects.

Taiwan has long been wary of Chinese hackers' attempts to infiltrate its systems. In the run up to January's presidential election, the government's director general of cybersecurity Jyan Hong-wei, estimated Chinese agencies conducted around 30 million cyberattacks against Taiwan a month.

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