Singapore couple knocked down by bus while on holiday in Taiwan's Hualien city

A Singapore couple, who were in Taiwan on a free and easy tour, were knocked down by a bus, and the husband is still unconscious, a report said.

The accident happened in the eastern city of Hualien on Thursday (Feb 11), Lianhe Wanbao said.

The couple, who are in their late 40s, were both sent to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The wife has regained consciousness, but her husband is still unconscious and in ICU, Wanbao said, quoting the wife.

The couple reached Taiwan on the second day of Chinese New Year (Feb 9) and had just checked into their hotel in Hualien on the day of the accident. They were on their way to dinner when they were knocked down by a tour bus, Wanbao said, quoting Hualien police.

It was raining when the accident occurred at a zebra crossing, police said. The report said they suffered head injuries after being hit by the left side mirror of the tour bus which was making a left turn.

The mirror struck their heads, and both fainted. The driver stopped the bus and an ambulance was called.

The wife told Wanbao that both she and her husband suffered cerebral haemorrhages.

"I don't know if he needs an operation. The doctor said they need to observe him for one or two more days," she said. "We may not be able to return to Singapore on the 16th."

Their family has been informed of the accident, she said.

They were sent to the Mennonite Christian Hospital, then transferred to the Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital.