Seeing digital art in a new light

The space seems filled with endless rows of glass lamps that shine as someone goes close. The light then moves from one lamp to another around the room.

The digital installation called Forest Of Resonating Lamps - One Stroke is the work of teamLab, a collective of about 500 artists and scientists who combine their areas of expertise, including engineering, robotics and architecture, to produce dreamlike worlds.

The group has exhibited all over the globe, but a new museum set to open in Tokyo on June 21 will be the first permanent space completely devoted to its unique brand of art, reported Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless will be showcasing some 50 interactive exhibits within its 10,000 sq m space.

Other highlights include a waterfall filled with flowers that seems to flow over a hill, and another of waves crashing along the walls, throwing spray towards the ceiling.

Maintaining the artworks requires 520 computers and 470 projectors. But the real key is a set of sophisticated algorithms that generates images in real time.

This form of non-material digital technology can liberate art, the group told AFP, unlike a physical painting on a canvas.

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