Police sniper shoots dead wild boar that wandered into housing estate in China

The wild boar was cornered and shot dead by a police sniper.
The wild boar was cornered and shot dead by a police sniper. PHOTOS: INTERNET

NANJING - A wild boar was shot dead by a police sniper last Friday (July 14) after wandering into a housing estate in China, sparking safety concerns among residents.

Local media reported that the animal was first spotted by a security guard at about 4am as it was walking around the estate in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu province.

Unsure if it was a pig or boar and concerned about residents' safety, he alerted the police, who identified it as a boar at about 9am.

An attempt to capture it with a net failed, with the animal attacking a police officer after becoming agitated.

They then sought help from the local special police division, which dispatched a dozen officers, including a sniper.

The boar was eventually lured into a corner and shot dead by the sniper at around noon.


The Yangtze Evening News quoted a police spokesman as saying that the boar might have wandered into the estate from the Laoshan National Forest Park to the west.

They also advised the public to report wild boar sightings to the authorities and not approach them as they turn aggressive when scared.

The animal managed to evade attempts from local police officers to capture it. PHOTO: INTERNET