North Korea likens South's president to an 'ugly bat'

A satire zoologist compared South Korean President Park Geun Hye (above) to an "ugly female bat" in an article.
A satire zoologist compared South Korean President Park Geun Hye (above) to an "ugly female bat" in an article.PHOTO: AFP

SEOUL (AFP) - North Korea launched a fresh personal attack on South Korean President Park Geun Hye on Wednesday (March 2), calling her an "ugly female bat" in an article apparently penned by a satirising zoologist.

The article, published by the official KCNA news agency, also painted a picture of a panic-stricken Park losing her dress and shoes as she ran to a bunker after hearing of North Korea's Jan 6 nuclear test.

It followed an equally aggressive diatribe in the ruling party newspaper Rodong Sinmun on Feb 21 which described Park as a "crazy old b***h" and triggered an angry response from Seoul that condemned the use of such "base, vulgar language."

The attacks come amid escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula with Park taking a markedly tougher stance with Pyongyang following its nuclear test and last month's long-range rocket launch.

Wednesday's article was attributed to a North Korean zoologist, Pak Ryo Un, and was - as its headline suggested - meant to be read as a satire.

The main theme was a running and rather forced comparison of Park to a bat, in terms of both  looks and behaviour.

The choice was a play on Park's surname which is a partial homonym for the Korean word for bat "bakjwi".

"She behaved like a bat which lives in such dingy place as cave," the article said.

Upon hearing the news of the North's nuclear test, "she hastily ran down to the underground bunker... unaware that the waistband of her skirt slipped down and her shoes came off, stunning even her confidants," it said.

It variously described Park as an "ugly female bat" and someone with a bat's "twisted point of view" and "twisted skinny body". The North has previously launched similarly vitriolic and highly sexist personal attacks on Park, likening her to a "babbling peasant" and a prostitute eager to please US President Barack Obama.