Man dies after airplane tyre explodes and hits him on the head in Hong Kong

HONG KONG - A 29-year-old man died in a freak accident when an airplane tyre that he was delivering exploded, local reports said.

The victim - known as just Mr Lau for now - and a colleague delivered nine airplane tyres from the airport to the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate for maintenance on Wednesday (March 30) afternoon.

The accident happened as they were unloading two of the tyres - each measuring 1.3m across - from the lorry.

The two tyres were stacked, and the bottom tyre blew up as the two were moving the tyres from the back of the covered vehicle.

The sudden jet of air propelled the tyre into Mr Lau's head with explosive force and knocked him to the ground, Apple Daily reported.

The tyre then bounced up to the roof of the lorry and flew a few metres before landing.

Mr Lau suffered serious injuries and subsequently died in hospital.

He leaves behind his wife and a seven-month-old son.

His wife, Ms Wang, said that Mr Lau was the sole breadwinner, and his HK$17,000 (S$2,950) salary as a delivery supervisor supported her, their son, his parents and his brother.

A representative from his company visited her, and left only HK$100, she said.