Man dead after tiger attack at zoo in east China

A man was savaged by a tiger at a zoo in east China on Sunday (Jan 29), Chinese media reports said.

The man, believed to be a visitor to the Yageer Zoo in Ningbo, died later in hospital, the China Global Television Network reported.

"Witnesses said he came close to the beast before being pulled into the enclosure," the English-language media network said.

Gruesome photos and videos of the tiger gnawing on the man's head were circulating online.

Zookeepers tried to use firecrackers to scare the animal away, Apple Daily said.

But the victim was dragged further into the woods, and at one point, was surrounded by three tigers.

The incident happened at about 2pm, and he was saved at 3 pm or 4pm, reports said.

He was rushed to hospital but did not survive. The tiger was also shot.

In July 2016, another tiger attack in a Chinese zoo made international headlines.

A woman was mauled after she got out of her car at Badaling Wildlife World.

Her mother, who hopped out of the car to try to save her daughter, was killed by another tiger.