Lone traffic ranger: New Zealander polices drivers in China

CHENGDU- A New Zealander has started a one-man road safety campaign in Chengdu, Sichuan's capital city.

Photos of the man, known only as Peter, have been making their rounds on the Internet in China.

He is seen attempting to stop drivers from parking illegally and driving in the wrong direction for the lane, said Chengdu Commercial Daily.

He also stopped cars to let an old woman cross the road.

"China has many beautiful roads and the road in front of my compound is even wider than that between Wellington and Auckland, but some drivers fail to respect them," he said.

"I need to manage dangerous drivers," he told the paper.

He warns the drivers, including some foreign ones, and only reports them to the police if they refuse to heed him. Most apologise, he said.

His girlfriend has voiced fears that he may be attacked by a motorist.

A traffic police officer told the newspaper that Peter should take care of himself and report incidents to the police if necessary.