Japanese company invents gadget that remixes your favourite tunes into flavoured drinks

JAPAN (REUTERS) - Your favorite music can now be remixed into a tasty drink.

Japanese company Nomura has a new gadget that lets music lovers taste songs. Squeeze Music is a juice maker that blends a glass of juice according to the mood of a song.

Happy songs produce a sweet drink. Jazz lovers will taste a bitter drink.

A computer analyses the song's waveforms and identifies the feelings conveyed. These are then assigned a flavour.

Happy, excited, romantic, sentimental and sad are converted into sweet, sour, astringent, salty and bitter tastes respectively - and then blended into a juice drink.

"I like this tune and have listened to it for a long time, but this mixed juice made me want to listen to it from different perspectives," said taster Aoi Toda. "I really enjoyed the unique blend of the song and juice."

Akinori Goto, a designer for Nomura Co. Ltd. Nomlab and developer of Squeeze Music, said, "At a music festival, for example, you can enjoy the experience to have a drink blended according to a song while listening to it at the gig. Moreover, we can mix alcohol so it could be served as cocktails in a bar if people want to try that out."

The Squeeze Music developers hope the flavors will sweeten your taste for music.