Impressions of a province

The picturesque landscape and tea culture of China's Wuyi Mountains form a scenic backdrop to this theatre production.

Titled Impression Dahongpao, the show is the fifth in a theatrical series by Chinese director Zhang Yimou, who has made well-known films such as House Of Flying Daggers and Raise The Red Lantern.

Each show is staged in the province it is inspired by, and boasts lavish stage sets, spectacular choreography and a cast of hundreds, mostly made up of locals.

Impression Dahongpao has seen more than 4.5 million visitors since it first opened in 2010. The US$30 million (S$41 million) show features a stage that rotates 360 degrees so the audience can view the show from different perspectives.

Zhang's Impression series also features other Chinese attractions, such as West Lake in Hangzhou and the ancient walled city of Pingyao.

The 67-year-old film-maker told Chinese broadcaster CCTV when Impression Dahongpao first debuted: "China's cultural industry has seen a big development in recent years. There are numerous artists and investors eager to push the country's cultural industry forward. The Impression series is a good example."

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