Hong Kong man jailed 21 years for raping 9-year-old daughter more than 100 times

The entrance to Hong Kong's High Court building.
The entrance to Hong Kong's High Court building. PHOTO: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

A Hong Kong man has been described as "the scum of the earth" and his crimes "unconscionable and abhorrent" after details of his sexual assaults on his young daughter were revealed in Hong Kong's High Court.

The jobless 62-year-old, whose name was not revealed to protect the victim's identity, was sentenced to 21 years in jail on Wednesday (May 4).

He was previously convicted of all 10 charges - six counts of rape and four counts of making child pornography - he faced despite pleading not guilty, reported the South China Morning Post.

High Court Judge Maggie Poon Man Kay, who passed the sentence, strongly condemned the man and said she had taken into account how serious his crimes were.

"The girl said she had been 'raped' more than 100 times," she added.

The first alleged sexual assault took place in 2011, when the victim was five, and continued till 2014.

"He used his thing to penetrate into where I go to toilet with," the victim said in a recorded video interview shown in court. She was also pictured telling a policewoman that there were over 100 such incidents.

Her father would molest her every day while watching the evening news for as long as an hour, she recalled. He would also deny her dinner if she refused him.

Madam Justice Poon said: "The incidents spanned three years and took place repeatedly. He took pictures when he sexually assaulted his daughter, and he did not practise safe sex."

She also described the man as "immoral" and "remorseless", and that the sentence imposed was to deter him from committing future offences.

According to psychological reports of the victim, she now suffers from low self-esteem, hates her father, and would only call him the "bad guy".

She is currently staying with her mother.

The sexual assaults had first started when the victim was forced to live with her father as her mother, who is from mainland China, could not secure a Hong Kong visa as she had previously been jailed for a criminal offence in the city.

Her father's lawyer said he was considering whether to appeal against his conviction.