Hong Kong Chief Executive's daughter says she has left home

The daughter of Hong Kong's Chief Executive Leung Chun Ying has said in a post on social media app Instagram that she has left home.

Ms Leung Chai Yan, 23, had previously claimed on Facebook that that her mother had verbally abused her, slapped her, "pushed me up against a wall", and kicked her.

The latest Instagram message on Wednesday morning, which can be seen iva the app by all, including her 7,000 followers, was accompanied with a photo of a bird flying over the beach.

Her message read: "Officially left home - brought the most basics with me- and the most valuable - a photo album with all my friends in it. #ByeHome #imFinallyFree."

She later posted a photo of herself in a car at about 10am. Its caption read: "TA"

In Ms Leung's Facebook posting on Tuesday, where she described an alleged altercation with her mother, she said her mother was "screaming like the deranged woman she is".

"I fell, hit my spine against corner of study table," she added.

She also posted that she was "held against my will".

Ms Leung, who also has a sister and a brother, also wrote on Tuesday that she was "leaving home forever". A subsequent post read: "Off to hospital."

Addressing the saga that drew a lot of media attention, Mr Leung said at a press conference on Tuesday that his wife Regina was not violent towards their daughter, and that no one had suffered any injuries at home.