Fugitive gives himself up 10 days after fleeing from hospital in Tokyo

TOKYO (KYODO) - A South Korean man who was on a nationwide wanted list for alleged theft and intrusion gave himself up to police in Tokyo on Tuesday (Aug 27), 10 days after fleeing from a hospital.

Kim Won Gi, 64, turned himself in when he made a call to a police station in Nakano Ward and said, "I'm tired. Please come and pick me up," according to the police.

He was initially arrested on Aug 13 at a sushi restaurant on suspicion of stealing cash, but he was admitted to Tokyo Metropolitan Police Hospital in Nakano Ward after sustaining injuries when he tried to escape from the scene.

He broke his collar bone and ribs as he fell down some stairs while trying to run away.

On the morning of Aug 18, he fled from the hospital after telling a police officer that he had to go to the toilet.

Later that day, Kim went to neighbouring Nerima Ward by bus and then stayed overnight in a capsule hotel near JR Kawasaki Station in Kanagawa Prefecture, investigative sources said.

The next day, he bought a train ticket to Nagoya in central Japan. An image of a person resembling Kim was captured on Aug 20 by a surveillance camera near a pharmacy in Nagoya, where another theft case had occurred, the sources said.

The police are investigating whether he was involved in the theft in Nagoya as well.