Fireworks light up Pyongyang to celebrate late leader's birthday

PYONGYANG (REUTERS) - North Korea staged a fireworks display in Pyongyang on Tuesday (Feb 16) to celebrate the 74th birthday of the country's late leader Kim Jong Il.  

North Korea's state-run television KRT showed Pyongyang residents watching the 15-minute fireworks display, but their leader Kim Jong Un was not seen at the event.  

The fireworks were telecast live on KRT from 8pm (7pm Singapore time).  

Kim Jong Il's birthday is on Feb 16 and has been labelled the "Day of the Shining Star", celebrated by the communist state as a national holiday.  

Mr Kim Jong Il died of an apparent heart attack in December 2011 after ruling North Korea for 17 years.  

His youngest son Kim Jong Un was named North Korea's "Great Successor" after his father's death.