Explosion at chemical plant in eastern China, 9 injured: State media

The explosion triggered a fire, reports said.
The explosion triggered a fire, reports said.PHOTO: WEIBO

SHANGHAI (REUTERS) - An explosion hit a chemical plant on Saturday night in eastern China, the official Xinhua state news agency said, citing local authorities.

No fatalities were reported, Xinhua said, citing local police, although nine people were injured and taken to hospital.

The blast, which triggered a fire, happened around 8.50pm local time in Huantai county in Shandong province.  


The explosion occurred at a factory of Shandong’s Runxing Chemical company which is a subsidiary of Runxing Group and has 200 million yuan (S$44 million) in registered capital, Xinhua reported.

The factory produced adiponitrile, a colourless liquid that releases poisonous gases when it reacts with fire, the People’s Daily said, citing the state-run Beijing Times.

Seven fire brigades consisting of a total of 150 fire fighters and 20 fire engines were sent to the scene and fire brigades that are trained to work with fires involving chemicals are being dispatched, Xinhua said.

Windows shattered in the village where the blast occurred, state media said, and tremors reverberated within 2km of the site of the explosion.

This explosion in eastern China comes after two huge blasts ripped through a warehouse storing dangerous chemicals in Tianjin, the world’s 10th-largest port, on Aug 12 killing at least 121 people.