Eight-man fight between MMA and taiji experts stopped by Shanghai police

Shanghai police shut down an unlicensed brawl between mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters and taiji experts on Monday (June 27), reported the South China Morning Post.

The fight was supposed to take place between a group of four taiji experts led by Ma Baoguo and four MMA fighters led by Xu Xiaodong.

Video footage from the incident shows Xu addressing the crowd before he is interrupted by uniformed police officers who surround him and tell the spectators to stop filming.

In the video, Xu can be heard saying to officials: "I will certainly cooperate, but don't push me. You won't be able to push me!" He was later escorted from the premises.

Xu had earlier made headlines when a video went viral of him dealing a severe beating to "thunder-style" taiji master Wei Lei in April.

At the time, Wei, who had once been labelled "one of the greatest taiji masters in China" in a documentary, had agreed to fight Xu after they got into a dispute online over the merits of traditional Chinese martial arts.


"Since (Xu) insulted taiji so strongly, including cursing at our ancestors, I thought there was no room for cooperation between us," Wei told local media.

However, Xu defeated Wei in just 10 seconds, with the latter apologising for his poor performance afterwards.

The outcome of Xu's fight with Wei led to many traditional Chinese martial arts experts across the country issuing challenges to Xu.

After his victory over Wei, Xu told state-owned newspaper Global Times: " (I) crack down on fake things, because they are fake. Fake things must be eliminated. No question."

Following the interruption of this latest bout, however, one netizen commented: "(Xu) can defeat all of the 'fakeness' across the lakes and rivers, but he cannot defeat the government!"