Dozens of dinosaur eggs found at construction site in China

BEIJING (AFP) - The Chinese city that holds the world record for largest number of dinosaur eggs has added to its collection after dozens more were unearthed at a construction site, state media reported.

A nest containing 43 dinosaur egg fossils was found in the city of Heyuan in southern China's Guangdong province, Xinhua state news agency said.

Nineteen of the eggs are intact but what dinosaur they are from remains a mystery, Du Yanli, curator of the city's dinosaur museum, told Xinhua in the report Monday.

"These eggs are large in size, and one even has a diameter of 13cm," Du said.

All the eggs, which were found Sunday, have been sent to the museum for further preservation and further research.

Nearly 17,000 dinosaur eggs have been found in Heyuan since 1996, when a group of children playing at a building site first came across some fossils, according to Xinhua.

The museum has been recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records for its collection of 10,008 dinosaur egg fossils, the largest in the world.

All of the eggs come from the late Cretaceous period (89-65 million years ago), according to the Guinness website.

They include eggs from oviraptorid and duck-billed dinosaurs.

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