Dog dragged on the road in China; driver says he did not know the animal was still leashed to car handle

A driver in China, seemingly unaware that a dog was leashed to the car he was driving, dragged the animal behind the vehicle on a road on Monday (Aug 14), the Shanghaiist website reported.

The golden retriever, which neighbours say is named Qiuqiu, has received treatment for injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

It is unclear how long Qiuqiu was dragged on the road for before the driver supposedly realised and stopped the car.

The incident took place in Haining in Zhejiang province. Photos of the injured golden retriever, as well as of the car with the dog still leashed to it, have made the rounds online.

According to local media, the dog and car belong to the driver's friend. The driver had borrowed the car on Monday morning, and said he did not realise that his friend's dog was still leashed to the handle of the car's passenger door.

He has since expressed regret over the incident, according to The Shanghaiist.

Netizens reacting to the incident were outraged, with many questioning whether the driver was trying to shed responsibility by claiming ignorance.