Daughter of Hong Kong chief executive Leung Chun Ying says mother attacked her, and vows to leave home

The daughter of Hong Kong chief executive Leung Chun Ying has accused her mother of attacking her and said she is "leaving home forever" in a shocking Facebook post.

Leung Chai Yan, 23, began posting distraught messages online from around 7am on Tuesday morning.

She said that her mother, Regina Tong, pushed her against a wall, slapped her and verbally abused her.

She fell when Tong kicked her, and hit her spine against the corner of her study table, she wrote.

Calling her mother a "deranged" woman, she wrote: "This woman has issues and I have tried to help her- encouraging her to go see a therapist/psychologist...Now I just don't bother.

"From this day onwards, I'm leaving home forever. Never coming back."

This was just the beginning of a saga that played out on Facebook on Tuesday morning.

She posted "Off to hospital" at one point, then later: "I don't have the legal rights as a normal HK citizen because of who my parents are. Access to legal aid police and public hospital services. I can't even call the cops or go to A&E at a public hospital right now."

She also wrote: "To the ambulance staff waiting downstairs, I can't come on...held against my will."

An ambulance was seen outside the Government House at around 11am, and left about an hour later, Hong Kong media reported. No one needed treatment, reports said.

"There's only so much a human can take," she said, as she posted "Leaving home forever" as a "life event" on Facebook.

Ms Leung has posted disturbing messages on Facebook before. Last year, she posted a photo of herself, lying in a bathtub with a slashed wrist, and asked "Will I bleed to death?".

During the height of student protests in Hong Kong, the student at the London School of Economics "thanked" taxpayers for paying for her "beautiful shoes and dresses and clutches".

She appeared disoriented when she appeared at a fundraiser for the Foundation for Aids Research (amfAR) on Sunday, and seemed to need support while walking on the red carpet.

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