Dare to bare at Tokyo restaurant and get served by beefcake

TOKYO • Japan's first "naked restaurant" opens in Tokyo next month with draconian entry rules - pudgy prospective diners will be weighed and ejected if found to be too fat.

Following the lead of establishments in London and Melbourne, The Amrita - Sanskrit for "immortality" - also has strict age restrictions, with only patrons between 18 and 60 allowed in, after they check in their clothes and put on paper underwear provided by the restaurant.

"If you are more than 15kg above the average weight for your height, we ask you to refrain from making a reservation," a list of rules posted on the restaurant's website states, explaining that patrons could be weighed if they do not appear to be within the correct weight range.

All payments must be made in advance on an online booking page.

Guests found to be "overweight" will be refused entry to the restaurant, which opens on July 29, and will not be entitled to a refund, its website makes it clear.

  • 15kg The limit for exceeding the average weight for one's height. Guests found to be "overweight" will be denied entry

    $1k The most expensive ticket to the restaurant, which includes a meal and a show featuring male models. Lower-end tickets cost between 14,000 yen (S$180) and 28,000 yen

The list of rules asks visitors not to "cause a nuisance to other guests" by touching or talking to fellow diners. Tattooed customers are barred from entry.

Those who meet the restaurant's entry requirements will be asked to lock away mobile phones and cameras in a table-top box.

The restaurant owners were not immediately available for comment when contacted by Agence France-Presse.

Guests will fork out up to 80,000 yen (S$1,000) for tickets entitling them to eat food served by muscle-bound men wearing g-strings and watch a dance show featuring male models. Meal tickets, not including a show, will cost from 14,000 yen to 28,000 yen, depending on choice of menu.


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