Couple beat up cleaner in China after his sanitation vehicle nearly hits their dog

SUZHOU - A cleaner in Suzhou in Jiangsu province in China required stitches to his head after he was beaten by a couple on the street.

The incident occurred after his sanitation vehicle nearly hit their dog, reported the Yangtse Evening Post.

A surveillance video showed the vehicle almost hitting a small black dog before a man and woman began arguing with the worker and attacking him.

The cleaner, Mr He Yanlong, tried to defend himself but failed to strike the man as the woman seized his hand.

He was then pinned to the ground and beaten, according to the report.

Mr He was later sent to hospital where he received eight stitches to wounds on his head.

The dog had not been leashed during the incident, and Mr He had fortunately managed to stop in time , the local sanitation department was quoted as saying.

The department also claimed that the couple even wanted to hit a mediating passer-by.

The police are investigating.