Coconut drink advertisement in China that claims to increase bust size slammed

A screengrab of the advertisement on Coconut Palm Group's website.
A screengrab of the advertisement on Coconut Palm Group's website.PHOTO: TWITTER/@YIGEKING

If you want to boost your bust size, all you have to do is drink Coconut Palm.

This online advertisement for a coconut drink has been slammed in China for its unsophisticated language and unsubstantiated claims, reported The South China Morning Post.

In the advertisement by Coconut Palm Group, a woman wearing a T-shirt displaying her cleavage is seen holding a can of the drink, accompanied by the words: "A can a day and you'll be white, tender and bosomy."

The company's claims have drawn fire from nutritionists and social media users alike.

As the drink is not a nutritional product, it cannot make such claims under Chinese regulations, according to The Beijing News.

Coconut Palm has been sold in China for decades and makes frequent appearances at national banquets.

In defence of the advertisement, a customer service staff member from the company cited the belief of some South-east Asian countries that coconut drinks can increase women's bust sizes.

"We saw this benefit from a Hong Kong newspaper in 1997. Our manager recently felt it could be included as part of our marketing. So we used it as a reference," the employee told The Beijing News.

Coconut Palm Group has courted controversy with previous advertisements.

In 2009, a pomegranate juice drink was marketed with the slogan: "Wives love husbands who drink it."

The company was sued 1,000 yuan (S$206) for publishing the advertisment without authorisation from officials.