Chinese traffic warden saves girl from five-storey fall: Reports

GUIYANG - A traffic warden in south-western China has been hailed a heroine after she saved a girl who fell from a fifth-floor flat but ended up being injured herself, Chinese media reported.

Ms Chen Zhongping, 49, rushed to catch the three-year-old girl as soon as she spotted the toddler climbing out of the window of a residential building in Kaili city, Guizhou province, Xinhua news agency reported.

"An awning on the fourth floor slowed the girl's fall. She crashed into Chen's outstretched arms and then fell to the ground," passer-by Liang Bojun, who also tried to help, was quoted as saying.

Both Ms Chen and the girl were rushed to hospital. The girl suffered injuries to her head and a broken leg but has since been discharged. Ms Chen, however, slipped into a coma from the brunt of the impact. She regained consciousness on Monday (March 5) and was transferred from the intensive care unit to a normal ward.

"She didn't think about herself when she saved my granddaughter. Our whole family thanks her very much," said Mdm Zhu Xiuhua, the girl's grandmother.

The local government awarded Ms Chen 90,000 yuan (S$18,729) for her courageous act.