Chinese tourist faints after breaking jade bangle worth S$61,000

The woman fainted after being told the cost of the jade bracelet. PHOTO: WEIBO

A Chinese tourist panicked and fainted after breaking a jade bangle, said online reports.

The incident happened in Ruili, Yunnan - a province in China - on Tuesday (June 27). The unnamed woman was trying on the bracelet at a shop, but it slipped from her hands and broke into two when she took it off.

After finding out that the bracelet allegedly cost 300,000 yuan (S$61,000), she began to panic and made a call to her friends.

She later told shop staff that she felt dizzy, broke out in cold sweat and lost consciousness.

Pictures online show her falling into the arms of people around her.

"She fainted because of the shock, but fortunately she is fine after having emergency treatment in hospital," Lin Wei, one of the shop's owners, told reporters from online news site

The shop owners did not make a police report, and are negotiating the compensation with the woman based on her financial situation.

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