Chinese angler hauls in giant grouper that weighs 107kg

NINGBO - It was a regular fishing trip for avid angler Hu Zuyue, but he was in for a big surprise: he caught a giant grouper which weighs a whopping 107kg.

Mr Hu hauled in the big catch on Sunday in the waters off Shipu in Zhejiang province. A picture showing the 1.7m-long fish, almost the same height as Mr Hu, was widely circulated in the Chinese media.

Mr Hu, from Zhejiang's Xiangshan county, was on a five-day fishing trip when he caught the fish.

The angler with more than 20 years' experience said it was the biggest grouper he has caught.

He told the Chinese media: "A grouper usually weighs about 30-40kg. During my previous fishing trips, the biggest catch was about 70-80kg. It is really rare for a fish to weigh more than 100kg."