China toddler in coma after falling into boiling soup stock

XIAMEN - A Chinese toddler is fighting for her life after falling into a boiling pot of soup stock, Chinese reports said.

Xiao Ru, who is 20 months old, was playing at the entrance of her house in Fujian province when she accidentally fell into the pot of soup last Thursday.

Her family was busy preparing for the funeral of her great-grandmother, and her grandfather warned her not to get too close to the boiling soup. But when he next saw her, she was immersed in the pot up to her chest.

She has severe scalds on 30 per cent of her body, but doctors say that for a child her age, it is equivalent to 60 per cent burns for an adult.

Her doctor from The First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University told reporters on Saturday that Xiao Ru was in a coma.

If she came to, she would still be in danger of infection. After that, they will have to treat the scars on her body.

Xiao Ru's 29-year-old mother, Li Qingzhen said they need 50,000 yuan (S$10,000) in medical fees.

Xiao Ru's father was in hospital awaiting cancer treatment, but has said he wants to stop treatment so that they can use the money to treat their daughter.

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