China hopes the US can handle Taiwan issue based on one-China framework, says Xi Jinping

BEIJING (REUTERS) - China hopes the United States can handle the Taiwan issue appropriately, in accordance with the one-China principle, President Xi Jinping told US President Donald Trump on Sunday (July 2), state media said.

"Negative factors" have affected Sino-US relations, and China has already expressed its position to the US, Mr Xi told Mr Trump, according to a readout of a telephone call between the leaders carried by state television.

Beijing lodged a formal protest against Washington's decision to sell US$1.42 billion (S$1.95 billion) in arms to Taiwan.

The arms sale, announced on Thursday (July 29), came just one day after a US Senate committee approved a bill calling for the resumption of port visits to Taiwan by the US Navy for the first time since the US adopted a one-China policy in 1979.

The bill also directs the Pentagon to help Taiwan develop an indigenous undersea warfare programme and recommends strengthened strategic cooperation with Taipei.

China's Foreign Ministry spokesman said the bill was in violation of the principles of US-China relations and called on Washington to halt military drills with and arms sales to Taiwan "to avoid further impairing broadly cooperative China-US relations".