China has 'no intention or interest' to influence US domestic politics, says Chinese ambassador to US

The ambassador said China remains committed to working with the US.
The ambassador said China remains committed to working with the US.PHOTO: REUTERS

WASHINGTON (XINHUA) - China remains committed to building a comprehensive, stable and constructive relationship and has "no intention or interest" to get involved in US domestic politics, Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai has said.

"China remains committed to working with the United States to overcome the difficulties and build a future-oriented relationship based on coordination, cooperation and stability," said Mr Cui in a keynote speech at a webinar on issues related to China-US relations at the invitation of President John Allen of the Brookings Institution on Aug 13.

"Lately there have been official statements from Beijing with this clear message," said Mr Cui, referring a recent article on the China-US relationship from a historical perspective by top diplomat Yang Jiechi, Member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Director of the Office of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs.

State Counsellor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and other senior officials also reiterated China's commitment to the healthy development of China-US relations in their speeches and interviews, Mr Cui added.

"We look forward to positive responses from the US side," the ambassador said.

"Maybe some people believe that China is just waiting for the result of the US presidential election in November. Let me make it very clear here, we are not waiting for anything, and we are never willing to waste time in waiting," he said.

"Besides, American domestic dynamics is well beyond what we can predict or influence. We have no intention or interest to get involved."

Mr Cui added that during president Richard Nixon's visit to China almost 50 years ago, he cited chairman Mao Zedong's poem, "We should seize the day, seize the hour", and today, "we still need to seize the day, seize the hour".

He added: "We are ready to work with the current administration to search for solutions to existing problems anytime, anywhere, even today or tomorrow.

"I just hope that they will free themselves from the panic and paranoid, which is costing them common sense in such a shocking way."

People from all walks of life in China and the United States "should stay guarded against vicious attempts to push the bilateral relationship to confrontation and conflict", Mr Cui said.


"We should firmly resist any resurgence of McCarthyism, and expand two-way exchanges and cooperation, so as to get the China-US relationship back to the right track as soon as possible."

Mr Cui also said that the deterioration of China-US relations amid the Covid-19 pandemic is not only greatly hindering bilateral ties but also undermining confidence in the global economy.

“Today, the China-US relationship is going in the wrong direction, described by some as in a ‘free fall’. Over the years, it has never been short of problems and difficulties, but alarmingly, there are attempts now to negate what has been built up so painstakingly by generations of Chinese and Americans over the decades and to deliberately push our two countries into conflict and confrontation,” Mr Cui said.

“All these are happening in the context of the raging pandemic and the consequently flagging global economy. They are happening when international cooperation is urgently needed, especially between major countries, and this situation is greatly hindering our cooperation,” he said.