Brolly gift from kind driver to rain-soaked cop in China

WUHU (China) • A police officer who was on duty in the rain was given an umbrella by the driver of a passing car on Wednesday in the city of Wuhu, in China's Anhui province.

Surveillance footage posted by Wei La Video on Chinese video-sharing platform Miaopai showed a red car at the traffic lights, while the police officer was standing in the rain in the middle of the intersection.

The driver could be seen scrambling out of the car to take an umbrella out of the boot, before getting back into the vehicle.

As the car moved off from the junction, it swerved into the chevron, and an umbrella was tossed out from the front window before the car drove away.

The police officer seemed to be caught off guard, as he stared at the umbrella for a few seconds before realising what was going on. He then picked it up.

The officer, Mr Zhai Yujia, said he was happy that his work was recognised and appreciated by civilians. He said he had wanted to thank the driver, but the car drove off too quickly.

The driver, Mr Wang Zhaohua, 50, said he saw the cop getting soaked in the rain and was moved by his dedication to his duty, and so decided to help him.

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