Boy in China wakes up from coma after his teacher tells him stories for 15 months

Teacher Tong Shu Fang helped student Zhang Hao Jie recover from a coma.
Teacher Tong Shu Fang helped student Zhang Hao Jie recover from a coma.PHOTO: CHINANEWS.COM

A teenager in China who was in a coma has miraculously awakened after his teacher talked to him almost daily for 15 months, Chinese media reports said.

Ms Tong Shufang from Quzhou in Zhejiang province has been hailed as "China's best teacher" and "the most beautiful person in Quzhou", after the touching story was reported.

Last February, 15-year-old student Zhang Haojie had a cerebral hemorrhage which left him unconscious.

He underwent three operations but remained in a coma and doctors told his parents that he might never wake up.

Ms Tong, 34, was Haojie's form teacher. After she heard of his condition, she raised more than 20,000 yuan (S$4,000) for his treatment, said.

She also visited him every other day, and told him what happened in school.

"There was a mock exam in class today," she would say. "If you had taken it, you would have been in the top five like you used to."

She also told him what the school served at meal times.

"The school lunch today was braised meat, which you loved," she said. "Get well soon, come and eat it."

She chatted with him constantly about activities in school and amusing things that happened in class, reports said.

The boy's father Zhang Lifang said that his son would blink whenever Ms Tong spoke to him, and even smiled when she was there.

Doctors said Haoje still has some way to go, but should be able to take care of himself after rehabilitation.