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America's dangerous attitude to Iran: China Daily

US President Donald Trump speaking about the Iran deal from the Diplomatic Reception room of the White House in Washington, DC, on Oct 13, 2017. PHOTO: AFP

In its editorial on Oct 16, the paper says US President Donald Trump's decision not to certify the Iran nuclear accord will make the world more unsafe and more chaotic.

BEIJING (CHINA DAILY/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - US President Donald Trump on Friday (Oct 13) officially disavowed the international nuclear deal with Iran, calling it weak and poorly constructed. He has given the US Congress days to decide whether to re-impose sanctions that had been lifted on Iran and said that he may seek to terminate the deal.

Iran responded strongly to his comments, with its foreign minister saying that it has the right to make a decision on its presence in the deal if the United States re-imposes sanctions.

If the US' actions lead to Iran resuming its efforts to develop nuclear weapons, it will plunge the Middle East into an arms race, and make the unstable situation in the region even more chaotic.

It is obvious that US' change in attitude on this question is also further estranging itself from its allies in Europe, as the leaders of Britain, Germany and France declared their backing for the deal and said it is in their shared interest.

The US government is showing no respect to the other signatories in criticizing the deal and is disregarding what the International Atomic Energy Agency has done in keeping an eye on Iran to ensure it abides by the deal.

An increasingly unstable Middle East and estrangement between the US and its European allies will considerably compromise the global efforts to fight international terrorism, which will very likely take advantage of the opportunity to become even more rampant.

Pulling out of the nuclear deal with Iran that took 13 years of international efforts to agree on will also greatly damage the reputation of the US. It would also deal a heavy blow to the international community's nuclear non-proliferation efforts and set a bad precedent that would make it even more difficult to peacefully resolve the Korean Peninsula deadlock.

To put it simply, it would make the world more unsafe and more chaotic.

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