10 must-reads for today

Campaigners for Mr Cho Han-ki of South Korea's ruling Democratic Party seeking citizens' support at a square in Seosan, South Korea, yesterday. PHOTO: EPA-EFE
Campaigners for Mr Cho Han-ki of South Korea's ruling Democratic Party seeking citizens' support at a square in Seosan, South Korea, yesterday. PHOTO: EPA-EFE


1 Polls amid Covid-19

South Korean politicians have been looking to score points in an upcoming general election on April 15 by getting involved in the fight against Covid-19. Some candidates are eschewing traditional campaign methods in favour of an online approach, while others do coronavirus-related volunteer work.


2 Covid-19 Bill to help tenants

To ensure that landlords pass on property tax rebates in full to their tenants, a new legislation will be introduced - the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Bill. Landlords that fail to do so could find themselves facing fines of up to $5,000.


3 Surge in Net traffic here

Internet data traffic in Singapore has surged by as much as 60 per cent, according to Internet service providers, as more of the workforce log on from home amid the Covid-19 crisis. MyRepublic, ViewQwest and Singtel have all reported spikes in network traffic, while StarHub said it has seen more clients on the Net in the daytime.


4 China's mask diplomacy

China has attempted to rebrand itself as a generous giver of aid by sending medical teams and supplies to countries hit by the coronavirus. However, its soft power push has been set back by defective test kits and the recall of face masks.


5 US is MIA in Asia amid crisis

The United States is missing in action (MIA) in Asia during the coronavirus crisis - to its detriment. Meanwhile China steps up to a leading role in the region, offering assistance and shaping the narrative, says associate editor Ravi Velloor.


6 Virtual hustings for GE

The virtual arena, and not rallies on grassy fields, will likely be where the battle for Singaporeans' votes will be waged in the coming general election (GE). MPs said they would turn to social media, messaging apps and even real-time video streaming to reach out to voters.


7 More help with utility bills

For this financial year, about 940,000 Singaporean households in Housing Board flats will get double their regular GST (goods and services tax) Voucher to offset part of their utility bills. The Ministry of Finance said the households will receive a Utilities-Save rebate of up to $300, depending on the type of their flat.


8 Venues fear winding up

Entertainment venues, which have been asked to suspend operations starting last Friday, may have to lay off workers and close for good as they face zero revenue during the shutdown. Some say they do not qualify for the higher wage subsidies offered to other sectors as part of Singapore's second wave of fiscal stimulus. 


9 Tough picks for EPL sides

English Premier League (EPL) football teams are today almost certain to vote to delay the restart of games from the earliest May 1 date. But with the coronavirus pandemic still raging, they then need to decide if they are going to void the season, end it now or take as long as possible to finish their remaining games.



10 Singer, actor die of virus

Adam Schlesinger (above), 52, an acclaimed singer who had an award-winning second career writing songs for film, theatre and television, died from complications arising from Covid-19 on Wednesday in New York. British dialect coach and actor Andrew Jack, 76, and ballet coach Wilhelm Burmann, 80, have also died after contracting the disease. 

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