No dream too big: Qantas chief replies to 10-year-old 'airline CEO'

Australian boy Alex Jacquot, 10, wrote to the Qantas chief to ask for tips on establishing his own airline.
Australian boy Alex Jacquot, 10, wrote to the Qantas chief to ask for tips on establishing his own airline.PHOTOS: TWITTER/QANTAS

(ASIAONE) - For children, no dream is too big for them. One may recall wishing to be a doctor, fireman or even an astronaut when they were young.

Likewise, 10-year-old Alex Jacquot has dreams of starting his own airline. While the boy from Australia has big plans for his company, he needed a helping hand to get things started.

When he turned to the national carrier Qantas in the form of a handwritten note, the last thing he expected was a reply from the chief executive officer (CEO) Alan Joyce.

Pleading to "take him seriously", the 10-year-old shared the problems he faced starting his "Oceania Express".

He shared that he had already started researching on planes he would need, flight numbers as well as catering for the future company, and even claimed to have hired management staff such as a "Chief Financial Officer", "Head of IT" and "Head of Onboard Services".

However, he could not find anything else to do and asked Joyce for tips. He also expressed his frustration on having trouble sleeping on a 25-hour-long flight from Australia to London.

The Qantas chief chose to respond in the manner a CEO would to another CEO.

Citing rumours of another entrant in the market, Joyce quipped that he was not one to give advice to his competitors, but made an exemption for the young boy as he too "was once a young boy who was so curious about flight and all its possibilities".

He advised the 10-year-old on things he could start doing in a formal letter addressed to Alex. Joyce even invited the boy to a formal meeting where they would "exchange notes" on what it's like to run an airline.

The heartwarming interaction between the two gained thousands of retweets and likes on Twitter, where netizens could not help but gush over Alex's ambitions.

While it seems like Alex has a long way to go, we wish his business plans will take to the skies in the near future!