Flying into Singapore on Monday in the best koala-ty seats possible

Airlines usually offer passengers a choice of economy class, business class and first class. For four VIP travellers from Brisbane however, Australian carrier Qantas has designated a unique seating class made to cater to all their needs.

Dubbed Koala Class by the airline, these special seating arrangements come with all the amenities that the cuddly creatures - Paddle, Pellita, Chan and Idalia - could possibly desire, whether it be miniature cans of Schweppes, fine eucalyptus dining options, or their personal butlers/keepers, who know exactly what their wards want.

And as goodwill emissaries sent by Australia to Singapore, the adorable animals which have the privilege of taking this class likely will not require immigration visas once they land in Changi airport.

The four koalas will be taking their flight on Monday, after leaving Lone Pine Sanctuary, where they are currently being quarantined. They are being loaned to the Singapore Zoo for six months by the Australian government to commemorate the Republic's golden jubilee, as well as 50 years of Singapore-Australia ties.

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