Australian police detain man, neutralise explosive materials

SYDNEY (AFP) - Australian bomb experts destroyed "explosive" materials found in a suburban Adelaide garden shed on Tuesday (April 30), following the arrest of a 43-year-old man.

South Australian police found the materials late on Monday and the man appeared in court early on Tuesday charged with possession of explosives.

National broadcaster ABC said the man had come to the attention of the authorities earlier this year for anti-Muslim social media posts.

Aerial images from the scene showed explosives experts packing sandbags around four objects placed in the middle of the back garden.

The explosion sent puffs of smoke and dust into the air.

Police had ordered residents to stay in their homes ahead of the blast.

"It is not expected that enough vibration would cause damage but as a precaution please remain indoors and away from windows," they said.

Local media reported the explosives were so-called Mother of Satan - a chemical explosive used by Islamist and other terror groups.