Australian man's car impounded over 5-year-old son's burnout videos

An Australian man who filmed himself teaching his five-year-old son to do burnouts has had his car impounded, according to the BBC.

A burnout involves keeping the brake on a car while accelerating, so the spinning wheels burn from the friction.

Mr Alex Dobson had posted videos of his son behind the wheel of a modified sports car in their Queensland home. The videos, which show the boy in sole control of the car while smoke poured off the rear tyres, went viral. The boy was also seen gripping the steering wheel as the stationary vehicle was revved in the driveway.

Police are investigating whether charges can be made since the incident apparently took place on private property.

The videos were posted on Facebook on Sept 21 with the caption: "When your 5-year-old says... Dad, can I do a burnout? Sure son, no worries."

One of the videos clocked up more than four million views and attracted thousands of comments expressing both praise and outrage, reported the BBC.

Part of the conversation in the video went like this:

"Guess who's doing a burnout? Go, go" Mr Dobson says.

"All by himself. Hell yeah, buddy. That's my boy."

"Look, there's no one in the car with you. High five."

Mr Dobson's car, which he calls his "pride and joy", was seized by police on Sept 24. Child protection officers have also been notified.

He told the Nine Network that he had been taking his son to burnout competitions since he was born.

Mr Dobson sought to justify his actions. "He knows a hell of lot for a five-year-old child," he said, "He's not your average five-year-old."

However, he also regretted posting the video "because of how far it's gone and the consequences", but denied putting the boy in danger.

"No way would I ever put my child's life at risk," he said.